Friday Scientific Seminar

Topic : Covid-19- Facts, Challenges & Opportunities

Speaker : Dr Jaisri Goturu

Topic : Type of Diabetes in youth by Race/Ethnicity and Etiology

Speaker : Dr. Pramila Kalra

Topic : ICT for Primary Health Care

Speaker : Dr. Nanda Kumar B S

Topic : ONLINE Scientific seminar India fights COVID19 the state of nursing affairs in countries

Speaker : Prof Sonali Jadav

Scientific Seminar Facilitators and barriers of childhood

Speaker : Dr Shalini C Nooyi

Topic : Scientific Seminar Application of IoT, AI and Energy management techniques in Health Care delivery

Speaker : Mr. Sriram Pullela

Topic : ONLINE scientific session Handling stress during the COVID 19 pandemic

Speaker : Mr Mohan Kumar

Topic : ONLINE scientific seminar Home care for the elderly

Speaker : Dr Medha Y Rao

Topic : Scientific seminar Nursing in Austerity the need for metamorphosis

Speaker : Ms Bindu Sam